MPLMA submitted a memorandum to KPKT

On 26th May our Mr.President met with KPKT’s Minister over their Hari Raya open house to express our intent to submit a Memorandum to KPKT. Minister directed us to submit it to his PA which we had done so today. A copy of the Memorandum is attached for your attention. This Memorandum is solely focused […]

Malaysian Punjabi Licensed Moneylenders donate to Tabung Harapan

Members of the Malaysian Punjabi Licensed Moneylenders Association (MPLMA) are joining the thousands of individuals, companies and organisations in doing their little bit for the nation by donating to the Tabung Harapan Malaysia.The 1952-established association marshalled its members to raise RM55,000 towards the fund which was set up not too long after the Pakatan Harapan […]

Full house at Malaysian licensed Punjabi moneylenders gala dinner

It was a full house at a recent dinner in Kuala Lumpur powered by the Punjabi moneylenders in Malaysia. Organised by the Malaysian Punjabi Licensed Moneylenders Association(MPLMA), the event on 5 Oct 2018 also attracted non-Punjabi members and moneylenders. The event chairman Satwant Singh Dhillon delighted the guests when he greeted them in multiple language […]

MPLMA tasked to formulate moneylenders’ code of practice for PDPA compliance

Malaysian Punjabi Licensed Moneylenders Association (MPLMA) is working with the authorities to assist the money lending community’s preparation to deal with personal data protection. The Personal Data Protection Commission has tasked the 66-year old organisation, powered by Punjabi moneylenders but open to all other communities, to lead a forum for sector to work out details […]

Strong turnout at moneylenders briefing on data protection regulation

Some 600 licensed money lenders representatives attended a briefing on the impact of the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (PDPA) on the sector. Organised by the Malaysian Punjabi Licensed Moneylenders Association (MPLMA), the session in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday (18 Feb 2017) also allowed license money lenders to register themselves as required under the […]