About MPLMA Credit Community

MPLMA Credit Community

Malaysian Punjabi Licensed Money Lender (MPLMA Credit Community), previously known as Sahukara, was established in 1952.

In 2012, several members rebranded the organization to its current name to foster inclusivity and launched a successful membership drive. In 2013, MPLMA gained recognition by KPKT as a representative of the Credit Community, further strengthening its credibility and standing in the industry.

Today, MPLMA boasts close to 350 members, consisting of individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds such as Punjabi, Chinese, Indian, and Malay. It serves as a vital link between government agencies and the public, bridging the gap and ensuring open communication channels.

MPLMA plays an essential role in educating its members on compliance requirements and changes in government policies, as well as providing guidance and support in their implementation. The organization also facilitates training programs to enhance members’ knowledge and skills, enabling them to remain competitive in the industry.

In addition to its core functions, MPLMA also conducts regular social and welfare initiatives to support local communities, underscoring its commitment to corporate social responsibility. Through its various activities and programs, MPLMA continues to promote ethical lending practices and foster a robust and responsible credit community in Malaysia.